Design Process

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Design Process


Ideas on paper.


Create a plan.


Build the mold.


Implement our changes.

Final Product

Happy customers!

Custom Jewelry

Just for You

Our custom jewelry design process begins with you and your ideas. We start by meeting with you and sketching your design concepts on paper and in our CAD/Cam milling machine. This machine allows the designer to draw a customer’s jewelry design on the computer using special software. Once designs are approved, we begin the process of bringing your ideas to life. To develop your custom jewelry piece, our milling machine then cuts out the approved image into a to-scale and to-size wax model. This jewelry model can then be reviewed by the customer before the final, precious metal piece is cast from the wax mold. Finally, we set the stone (if applicable), and make sure every detail is perfect before presenting it to you.

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Bring your personal jewelry dreams to life with our custom jewelry design process. To begin, we first meet with you to talk about and sketch out your ideas. Once sketches are approved, we begin designing your jewelry in our CAD/Cam milling machine. This modern machine allows us to draw your jewelry design on the computer and bring them to life in 3D wax models.


To ensure that your custom jewelry design is everything that you imagined, we present customers with 3D wax casting samples of their design. Cut by our milling machine, these to-scale replica models help customers see exactly what the final product will be like, before they’re cast in precious metal.


After the wax model is approved by you, the final, precious metal piece is cast from the wax mold. Next, we set the stone(s) (if applicable) and ensure that the highest levels of craftsmanship are met. Finally, we present the final product to you.